Peru – German Carranza Barboza Lot 2 – 80 hr. Washed Fermentation



Notes: White Chocolate, Cranberry, Plum.


German Carranza Barboza is a 29 year old coffee producer from the village of Gracias a Dios in Amazonas Department, where he manages a farm from 1600-1700 meters. He lives with his wife and daughter. A second generation producer, he does manual selection harvesting (multiple passes, ripe cherries only) and produces washed, honeys and naturals, depending on his creativity and the climate. Drying takes 20-25 days on his 9 year old farm. While his main varieties are caturra and bourbon, he is always experimenting in new varieties as well, planting geshas, maragogyoes, villsarchis, marsellesas and more. His goal is to finish in the Peruvian Cup of Excellence top 5.
This specific lot is a Bourbon Caturra blend subjected to 84 hours of fermentation in a plastic barrel in cherry, before depulping, washing and laying out on a drying bed.
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