Colombia El Vergel Java Koji – 8oz.


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After a year of experimentation, we have developed a new coffee process called the Koji Super Natural Method. A process made with a unique fermentation technique that improves the quality of the coffee. This technique has never been used in coffee.

Using a filamentous fungus, a mold called Aspergillus oryzae.A. or Koji in the fermentation, we have found that using this process has shown outstanding results in our coffees, improving the complexity and body of the cup, and also providing more opportunities for farmers to improve their coffees and give them the possibility to connect with more roasteries in the world.

This filamentous fungus, A. oryzae, shares 99.5% of its genetic material with Aspergillus flavus, its ancestral species. With its adaptation, the A. flavus changed. The diffuse mold growing on steamed rice produced aromas described as grapefruit and mango, pulling starches out of the grain via the enzyme amylase and producing amino acids. Through repeated efforts and ample opportunity, mankind domesticated the mold that grew on domesticated rice, then bred and reproduced it, and then sold it through traditional methods passed down for generations in China and Japan. Today, it is known as koji and has been produced for generations by a small number of producers.

The fermentation of koji is unique: instead of producing alcohol, carbon dioxide, or organic acids, koji can transform its substrate differently from yeast or bacteria. Depending on fermentation conditions, koji produces varying proportions of amino acids, such as glutamate. The proportions in which each metabolic by-product is produced depend on the strain of koji and the temperature.

As for coffee, koji serves as a processing agent sacrificing polysaccharides and complex starches. All of this makes them available for secondary fermentation by other microbes, as well as for enzymatic processes within the coffee itself, while also producing glutamates that improve cup structure.

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